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 The digital media agency

Garritz International, the digital media agency; driven by market insights and ROI; with multicultural capabilities and strong Hispanic heritage.

Founded in Mexico City in 2011 and growing its presence since, we have offices in North America and Europe (Mexico City, New York City, Frankfurt, Denver, Dallas and Prague). We started in Mexico City Offering services to important clients in the finance, entertainment and healthcare industries. There was room in the industry for a transparent digital media agency to create unique insights and improve advertising strategies. As the industry grows, we also deliver a wider spectrum of services. We started mainly focusing our offering on online media planning and buying solutions, with digital production (websites, banners, web apps) and social media services, but we have expanded it to big data management platform development, insight empowerment, product development, data science and medical technology development.

Our work differentiate our agency in the media buying industry with transparency, disruption and innovation. We focus our media buying methodology towards performance by using technology but mainly human power.

Global digital media agency

As a global agency, local clients are our priority to ensure local operations. We are always opened to the possibility to offer regional and global services. If you are looking for an agency to take care of your advertising business, we are the right partner to deliver a local-to-global approach. If you need to take advantage of your data, we can help.

Garritz is currently working different local clients in its offices. We also have capabilities to service our clients regionally while maintaining a global strategy. We are proud to be working with clients such as Universal Pictures, Fresenius-Kabi, BBC, Turner and Thyssenkrupp, among others.

In the US, we consider Dallas and Denver as important HUBs to increase our presence in the Midwest and southern states. We established New York City to perform as our point of articulation between Europe and the America, also to service the north east coast of the US.

Contact us today, and let us help you achieve your desired objectives.